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PREMIS in METS Toolbox

The PREMIS in METS Toolbox is a set of open-source tools developed to support the implementation of PREMIS in the METS container format. The tools were created by Florida Center for Library Automation for the Library of Congress in 2009 and conforms to PREMIS v.2.0.

Validate PREMIS in METS document. Given a PREMIS or PREMIS in METS document via an input method, return a list of errors or a confirmation message if the document conforms. The document is validated against any applicable schema and if applicable the PREMIS in METS best practice.

Convert between PREMIS & PREMIS in METS. Given a PREMIS document generate a METS document containing the PREMIS elements in multiple or single METS metadata sections. Given a METS document containing PREMIS elements in metadata sections generate a stand-alone PREMIS document

Describe a file with PREMIS using the DAITSS 2 Description service. The object identifier type and value are required. The file may also link to an intellectual entity.